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Industry Leading automated Payroll, Team & Project Management System at Your Fingertips!

India best employee attandance and staff salary payment tool for small and medium enterprises. Stop calculating hours, start automating them With Salary Slip

Absolutely no cost-& free to use this salary slip app by small business & medium enterprise owners their own indian Language such as Hindi,English, Gujarti, Marathi, Panjabi, Bengali, tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia and many other language.

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Our Features

Managing employee payments can be a hassle, but with our Salary Slip app, it's easy! Stay organised and compliant with automated salary slips.

Payroll on Auto-Pilot mode

Salary Slip helps you automatically generate salary slip format and distribute salaries, keep track of attendance and leave, manage time off requests and ensure a timely employee payment cycle.

Smart Eye

Experience the ease of a non-touch AI-enabled face detection attendance system that takes attendance tracking to the next level. Take the hassle out of attendance with Salary Slip.

Free Forever for Small Team

Salary Slip is an all-in-one solution for small businesses that can benefit from the Free Forever plan. Our membership plans are tiered as per the number of employees, with the most popular plan being Premium.

No Worries About Security

We've got you covered from A to Z with our robust security protocols that are highly compliant. All your data will be safe, secure, and fully encrypted on our servers.

Project and Task Management

With powerful features like Gantt charts and Kanban boards, Salary Slip offers an intuitive project and task management system to help busy professionals keep track of their work smartly.

Manage Multiple Branches

Salary Slip provides a cloud-based payroll management solution for businesses with multiple branches. Easily manage employee pay, deductions, and tax filing across all your locations from a single platform.


Get Payroll Done Easily and Free of Cost With Salary Slip App

Salary Slip is a free app that completes Employee Payroll in just 3 easy steps. There is no need to waste hours on software and hardware installation. Simply Sign up, Customize the Payroll Details of your Employees and get your Payroll done within minutes. Why make it complex? Get your business a complete solution to all payroll calculation needs from the comfort of your phone.

Salary Slip is a one-of-a-kind tool that gives you instant, clutter-free salary slips for all employees. Save time and effort with a powerful payroll solution. Easily manage payment, tax, and deductions. This includes all payroll compliance and filing of IT returns.

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Contact Less Face Detection Attandance System



Payroll Management

Automated Payroll calculation and payment Instantly

Project & Task Management

Easily Create Projects & assigntask to you rteam


Team Management & Group Chat

Manage team and Group and separate chat

Employee App

Register your account and share employee app with you remployees


Salary Slip a complete business tool kit

  • Project manager for managing team, project and task.
  • Manage multiple branches of company.
  • Fully AI enabled 100% non touch attendance system.
  • Play employee salary direct from salary slip app.
  • Play employee salary direct from salary slip app.

Have Any Questions?

How to use various features present in Salary Slip, whether it be for a small business or medium enterprise? This handy guide will answer all your questions on Salary Slip.

Absolutely no cost-& free employee attendance and staff salary payment app for small business & medium enterprise. Create salary slip format, manage leaves, and automate payroll processes with ease.

Employees can log in to their account on the Salary Slip employee app and navigate to the payslip section to view or download their salary slips instantly.

Salary Slip is available on both iOS and Google Play. It’s a free app for small businesses to manage employee attendance and staff salary payments.

Our App ScreenShots

Are you curious? Salary Slip is available on both iOS & Android. Check out what our app Salary Slip looks like with a few screenshots.